Best hill station near Dehradun

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Top Best hill station near Dehradun

the capital of Uttarakhand, is in the foothills of the beautiful Himalayas and serves as a gateway to several hill stations.These hill stations provide an ideal view of the bustle of city life while being surrounded by greenery.

best hill staion near dehradun

“Let’s explore some of the best hill stations near Dehradun.”

1. Mussoorie

  • Known as the “Queen of Hills,” Mussoorie is one of the most popular hill stations near Dehradun. 
  • It is only 35 kilometers away and offers expansive views of the verdant valleys and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.
  • The Mall Road, Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, and Lal Tibba are some of the must-visit attractions here.
  • Tourist Attractions: Mussoorie offers a plethora of attractions for visitors, including:
  • Gun Hill is the second-highest peak in Mussoorie, offering stunning panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Kempty Falls is a picturesque waterfall located about 15 kilometers from Mussoorie, popular for picnics and swimming.
  • Mall Road: The bustling heart of Mussoorie, lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, is perfect for leisurely strolls and shopping.
  • Camel’s Back Road: A peaceful walking track with mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains.
mussorie hill station

2. Dhanaulti

  • Hidden between forests covered in all directions and between towering trees, Dhangaulti can be a tract of peaceful tranquility far from the hustle of the crowds.
  • This overlooked jewel is cradled by lush greens, a peaceful panorama, and is blessed with a benign climate all the time.
  • Don’t miss visiting Eco Park for an ideal walking path that is awesome; enjoy camping in the wilderness or a memorable trekking journey to find the Surkanda Devi Temple.
dhanaulti hill station

3.  Chakrata

  • Chakrata is a hidden gem waiting to be found by travelers seeking out unusual spots. This is located at more than 2,000 meters and provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  • The deep forests of Kanasar and Tiger Falls, marvel at the ancient temples of Chilmiri Neck, or simply relax in the peaceful atmosphere
  • Chakrata promises a welcome respite from the turmoil of city life.
chakrata hill station

4. Lansdowne

  • Lansdowne, situated among wood and pine trees, has an inherent old-world charm.
  • This hidden hill station, named after India’s viceroy, Lord Lansdowne, provides pure beauty and peace at every turn.
  • Lansdowne is a great visit for people desiring calmness and an overview of India’s colonial history.
lansdowne hill station

5. Kanatal

  • Kanatal, located at an altitude of approximately 2,500 meters, is a haven for adventurers and nature lovers.
  • Kanatal is full of excitement, from camping between the stars to thrilling adventures like rappelling and rock climbing.
  • Explore the lush forests of Tehri Lake, enjoy the majestic beauty of Surkanda Devi Temple, or simply relax in the natural environs of this smaller hill station.
  • Kanatal offers a wonderful adventure in the lap of nature
kanatal hill station


Declaring Dehradun’s Hill Station Treasures

From the historical beauty of Mussoorie to the calm peace of Dhanaulti, the hill stations near Dehradun provide a variety of experiences for all visitors.

Whether you desire adventure, solitude, or simply a break from the everyday, these fascinating destinations are going to attract you with their natural beauty and charm. So pack your bags, set out on a trip of discovery, and discover the hidden gems of Dehradun’s surrounding

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