Health effect due to increasing Pollution in Dehradun City

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what is Pollution?

Health effect due to increasing Pollution are respiratory diseases , cardiovascular disease , neurological disease ,etcPollution can have a big effect on human health and can cause a lot of diseases and health issues. Pollution can cause or worsen some health problems and disease

Pollution Definition :Pollution refers to the introduction or presence of contaminants, substances, or agents into the environment that cause adverse effects. These contaminants, often referred to as pollutants, can be natural substances or human-made chemicals, and they can have harmful effects on the environment, living organisms, and human health.

Effect’s of pollution in our body

1. Respiratory Diseases:

Asthma : Air pollution, particularly ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), can cause or worsen asthma symptoms।

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,COPD: Chronic bronchitis and emphysema, among other lung conditions, are known as COPD, and long-term exposure to air pollution can contribute to the development and progression of these conditions।

2. Cardiovascular Diseases:

  • Heart Disease: There is a link between air pollution and the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases।
  • High Blood Pressure: Long-term air pollution exposure increases blood pressure and hypertension risk.

3. Neurological Disease :Some research has revealed a connection between air pollution and a higher risk of neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Infectious Diseases:People with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to illnesses like respiratory infections and other conditions because of poor air quality.

5. Skin Problems:Skin irritations and disorders like dermatitis can be brought on by pollution, especially when people are exposed to pollutants like heavy metals and industrial chemicals..

6. Developmental and Reproductive Issues:Pollution exposure during pregnancy might affect a child’s development, cause low birth weight, preterm birth, and developmental problems. Some pollutants can disrupt the endocrine system and lead to reproductive problems.

7.Allergies: People who are allergic to airborne pollution may experience worsening of their allergies and allergic responses.

8.Eye Irritation: Air pollution can cause eye discomfort, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and eye irritation.

9 .Effects on Mental Health: air pollution lead to mental health diseses such as depression , anxiety and

Types of Pollution

It’s crucial to remember that the precise health impacts of pollution might change based on the kind and quantity of pollutants present, as well as a person’s age, current health, and general sensitivity. To lower the associated health hazards, it is crucial to make efforts to reduce pollution and enhance the quality of the air and water. Reduced personal exposure to pollutants and other individual acts, such as public health programs and environmental legislation, can all help to lessen the effects of pollution-related diseases.

1. Air Pollution:Dehradun has suffered times of air pollution, mostly brought on by vehicle emissions, industrial activity, and construction dust. Due to variables like temperature inversion, which traps pollutants close to the ground at specific seasons of the year, like winter, the city may also see a rise in air pollution during those periods..

2. Water Pollution: The inappropriate discharge of industrial waste and untreated sewage into rivers and other bodies of water can cause water pollution in Dehradun. Chemicals and heavy metals in water sources can be harmful to the environment and to people’s health.

3. Noise Pollution: High levels of noise pollution have been found in several regions of the city, particularly in congested and commercial sectors, as a result of the city’s expanding population and rising automobile traffic.

4. Solid Waste Pollution:Solid waste management and disposal practices can damage the environment. It can result in soil and water contamination, as well as serve as a habitat for pests to reproduce.

5. Deforestation and Land Degradation:Deforestation and land degradation brought on by urbanization and construction activities might have a negative impact on the environment because Dehradun is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

6. Light Pollution: As cities grow and utilize artificial lights more frequently, light pollution poses a risk to both the ecosystem and public health.


It’s crucial to remember that efforts are frequently made to alleviate these pollution issues through various government initiatives, environmental regulations, and community awareness campaigns. For the most recent information on pollution in Dehradun, it is advised to consult more recent sources and local authorities as the situation may have changed since my previous update in 2021. Stricter emission requirements, wastewater treatment facilities, waste management initiatives, and afforestation schemes to balance out deforestation and land degradation are typical measures to address pollution.

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