Indian Institute of Remote Sensing : Dehradun 2024

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The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) is a premier institute under the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India. It is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Established in 1966, IIRS specializes in training and education in the field of remote sensing and geoinformatics, which includes the study and application of satellite imagery and geographic information systems (GIS) for various scientific, technological, and practical purposes.

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing-Entrance

Key Functions and Activities

  1. Education and Training: IIRS offers a range of educational programs including postgraduate diploma courses, M.Tech, and Ph.D. programs in collaboration with various universities. It also conducts short-term courses and workshops to cater to the needs of professionals and students.
  2. Research and Development: The institute is involved in research activities in the fields of remote sensing, GIS, satellite navigation, and space sciences. This includes developing new methodologies and applications to address various socio-economic and environmental issues.
  3. Capacity Building: IIRS plays a significant role in building capacity in the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies in India and other developing countries. It offers tailor-made courses for international participants as well.
  4. Projects and Consultancy: The institute undertakes various national and international projects and provides consultancy services in the areas of remote sensing, GIS, and geoinformatics.

Facilities and Infrastructure of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including advanced laboratories, a satellite data reception station, and sophisticated software and hardware for remote sensing and GIS applications. The institute also has a well-stocked library and modern classrooms to support its academic programs.

International Collaborations

IIRS collaborates with numerous international organizations and institutions to promote the exchange of knowledge and technology in the field of remote sensing and GIS. These collaborations often involve joint research projects, faculty exchanges, and training programs.

Outreach and Online Education

To widen its reach, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing offers online courses through its e-learning platform, which includes live and interactive sessions on various topics related to remote sensing and GIS. This initiative allows professionals and students from across the globe to benefit from the expertise of IIRS.

Overview and Mission

Mission: Indian Institute of Remote Sensing aims to promote and support education, research, and training in the field of remote sensing and geoinformatics. Its objective is to harness the power of satellite technology for the development of the nation and to address various environmental and societal challenges.

Academic Programs

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing-Building

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing offers a variety of academic programs, including:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma Courses: These courses cover a range of topics in remote sensing, GIS, and satellite meteorology.
  2. Master’s Degree Programs (M.Tech.): Offered in collaboration with different universities, these programs focus on advanced remote sensing and geoinformatics.
  3. Ph.D. Programs: Conducted in association with universities, these programs involve advanced research in various domains of remote sensing and geoinformatics.
  4. Short-term Courses: Designed for professionals and students, these courses focus on specific aspects of remote sensing and GIS technologies.

Research and Development

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is heavily involved in R&D activities, which include:

  • Developing new methodologies for the application of remote sensing and GIS in various fields such as agriculture, forestry, water resources, urban planning, and disaster management.
  • Conducting cutting-edge research projects funded by national and international agencies.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Campus: The IIRS campus in Dehradun is equipped with modern facilities including:

  • Laboratories: State-of-the-art labs for remote sensing, GIS, and satellite data analysis.
  • Library: A comprehensive library with a vast collection of books, journals, and research papers.
  • Satellite Data Reception Station: For receiving real-time satellite data.
  • Classrooms: Modern classrooms with advanced teaching aids.

International Collaborations

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing has established collaborations with numerous international organizations and educational institutions, facilitating:

  • Joint research projects.
  • Faculty and student exchange programs.
  • Participation in international training programs and workshops.

Outreach and Capacity Building

Online Courses: Indian Institute of Remote Sensing offers online courses through its e-learning platform, enabling global participation in its educational programs. These include:

  • Distance Learning Programs: Live and interactive courses on remote sensing and GIS.
  • Workshops and Webinars: Regularly conducted to address various contemporary topics in remote sensing.

A Spectrum of Applications: Serving the Nation

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing-Researcher

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing expertise in remote sensing and geoinformatics finds application in diverse sectors, impacting the lives of millions across India. Here’s an overview of some important areas:

Natural Resource Management: EO data is used to assess and monitor forest cover, soil health, and water resources. This information aids in sustainable management practices, conservation efforts, and combating deforestation.

Environmental Monitoring: Remote sensing plays a crucial role in tracking air and water pollution, monitoring land degradation, and studying the impact of climate change. IIRS develops methodologies for environmental impact assessments and facilitates informed environmental policy formulation.

Disaster Management: EO data is invaluable for pre-disaster risk assessment, real-time monitoring of natural hazards like floods and landslides, and post-disaster damage assessment. IIRS provides technical support and expertise to disaster management agencies for effective preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development: Remote sensing facilitates mapping urban sprawl, monitoring infrastructure development projects, and identifying potential sites for new infrastructure projects. Spatial data generated by IIRS assists in creating smart cities and ensuring sustainable urban growth.

Agriculture and Land Use Planning: EO data plays a vital role in crop identification, yield estimation, and monitoring soil moisture. IIRS develops applications for precision agriculture, enabling farmers to optimize resource use and enhance agricultural productivity.

These are just a few examples; the applications of IIRS’s expertise extend far beyond. The institute constantly strives to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, integrating new technologies like LiDAR and UAVs into its research and training programs.


Where is the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing located ?

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

When was the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing established ?


What are the functions of the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing ?

Natural Resource Management, Environmental monitoring, Disaster Management, Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development, Agriculture and Land Use Planning

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