ISRO, the space agency of the Indian government, has been actively involved in various educational programs and initiatives to promote space science and technology education in India.

Established on August 15, 1969, It is responsible for the planning and execution of space exploration and satellite missions in India.

Here are some key points:-

  1. History: The man commonly recognized as the founder of the Indian space program is Vikram Sarabhai.. It has since grown into one of the world’s leading space agencies.
  2. Headquarters: ISRO’s headquarters is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It has several research and development centers, launch facilities, and tracking and control stations across the country.
  3. Leadership: It has been led by prominent scientists and engineers, including Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Satish Dhawan, and Dr. K. Radhakrishnan.
  4. Objectives: The primary objectives include the development of space technology and its application for various national tasks, including communication, earth observation, navigation, and scientific research. It also conducts planetary exploration missions.
  5. Achievements:
    • Satellite Launch Capability: ISRO has developed its own satellite launch vehicles, such as the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) and GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle), and the GSLV Mk III, which is capable of launching heavier payloads.
    • Mars Orbiter Mission: In 2013, ISRO successfully launched the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), making India the fourth country in the world to reach Mars.
    • Chandrayaan Missions: ISRO launched the Chandrayaan-1 mission in 2008, which discovered water on the moon. Chandrayaan-2, launched in 2019, included an orbiter, a lander, and a rover designed to explore the moon’s south pole.
  6. Commercial Launch Services: ISRO provides commercial satellite launch services and has gained international recognition for its cost-effective and reliable launches.
  7. Cooperative Ventures: ISRO collaborates with various international space agencies and organizations on joint missions and satellite projects.
  8. Future Plans: ISRO has ambitious plans for space exploration, including sending humans into space, developing a reusable launch vehicle, and further planetary exploration missions.
  9. Space Research and Development: ISRO conducts extensive research and development activities in the fields of satellite technology, remote sensing, and space science.
  10. Outreach and Education: ISRO actively promotes space education and outreach, inspiring and educating students and the public about space science and technology.


  1. Young Scientist Program (YUVIKA): This program is designed to inspire and encourage young students to pursue a career in space science. Selected students get to visit INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION facilities, interact with scientists, and learn about space research.
  2. Student Satellite Program: INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION has encouraged students to participate in satellite building projects. Under this program, students from various Indian universities have developed and launched small satellites for research and educational purposes.
  3. Educational Outreach: It also often conducts workshops, seminars, and exhibitions to promote space education. These events are aimed at students, teachers, and the general public.
  4. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: ISRO collaborates with various educational institutions to support space science and technology research. They provide research opportunities, guidance, and funding to academic institutions.
  5. Online Resources: ISRO provides online resources, including educational materials and videos, to help students and educators learn more about space science and technology.

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