Know the 4 Sidh Peeth in Dehradun

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Dehradun Summer Capital of Uttarakhnad. Also known as ‘Adobe of Drona’. As a Capital of State its a main attraction Point for Tourist. Dehradun is famous for its peaceful Surroundings. Many Places that attracts Tourist to visit here. Doon is also famous for four Sidh Peeth Situated here. Tourist who came here to visit Dehradun, they have must visit to Char Sidh Peeth located in Dehradun.

4 Sidh Peeth in Dehradun

Famous 4 Sidh Peeth are located in different corners of Dehradun. These 4 Sidh Peeth are famous among all the Devotees. All four Sidh Peeths situated in naturally beautiful places near the river or forest. After Visiting there you will feel relax and Calm.

It is believed that if the Devotees Visit all the four Sidh pith in One day without Eating anything, then any wish of the Devotees is Fulfilled. On any Special Occasion or Festivals, Uncountable Devotees visit there and worship of God.

So if you want to do so I will recommend that you start with Kalu Sidh then go to Laxman Siddh then Manak Siddh then finally Madu Siddh temple.

1. Laxman Sidh Temple

Shri Laxman Sidh Temple is Most Famous Temple in Dehradun.  Laxman Siddh Temple is situated in the dense, beautiful, cool forest of Lachhiwala where you can feel the solitude and pray to God easily.

This Temple known as Laxman Sidh Peeth Temple because of Lord Laxman took Samadhi here. According to the belief After killing Ravana, Lord Laxman did penance here to get the rid of the guilt of Brahmahatya.

There is no statue inside the Laxman Siddh temple. There is a big brown marble Chabutra on which a beautiful Om is established which is made of brass metal. There is a small Trishul near the OM which is also made up of brass. Laxman Siddh considered Lord Shiva Swaroop. That’s why we worship Lord Shiv.

Location: It is located in Harrawala, Dehradun and only 13 Kilometers from the Dehradun Railway Station.

2. Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba Sidh Peeth

Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba Sidh Peeth known as Kalu Sidh. The Temple named as kalu sidh because of he took Samadhi here. As Baba Sidh does not liked Pitched Roof So, there is no Roof Over the Temple. Many Peoples Try to made Roof but they all not successful.

It is a local pilgrim place and famous in nearby city devotees also. It is situated in a very dense forest area near the river.  As per beliefs According to local folklore, Kalu Siddh was a mystic who attained spiritual enlightenment through deep meditation and penance at this site. It is believed that he lived in a cave or a secluded spot in the hills surrounding Dehradun. Over time, the place where he meditated became known as Kalu Siddh.

Devotees and spiritual seekers visit Kalu Siddh to pay homage to the sage and seek his blessings. The site is considered sacred, and many believe that it possesses spiritual energy and offers solace to those who meditate there.

Belief: Kalu Sidh Baba is considered as a Shiv Swaroop. It is believed by Kalu Sidh Baba devotees that they provide kids to those who did not get kids after many tries. People get into Baba’s shelter to get rid of drunkenness too. When peoples purchase new vehicles then they come here to get blessed by Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba. 

Location: Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba Sidh Peeth in Kaluwala village near Baniyawala Dehradun.

3. Madu Siddh Temple

 Madu Siddh is one of the four revered siddhs of Dehradun. This temple also known as Mandu Siddh peeth temple because of he takes samadhi here. This Temple is believed to be Medidation Site of Baba Madu who left his body here.

The Madu Sidh Peeth temple is at a calm place very far from the city life. Madu Sidh temple is a Lord Shiv temple where you can see the Swayambhu Shivling. This Swayambhu Shivling is worshiped here from Treta Yug. Local and nearby city devotees regularly visit this Madu Siddh temple.

Location: It is Situated among dense forests near the small village Aamwala, Dehradun.

4. Manak Sidh Peeth

Manak Siddh temple is last sidh among all four sidh peeth located in dehradun. Hence this temple is also called Manak sidh peeth beacause of he took samadhi here. There are many tridents here and also dhuni which has been burning since Trityayuga and hence been burning whole day.

It is belief that whoever came here ad make a wish it comes true. So its famous among devotees and whenever there wish is complte they organized a huge bhandara.

Location: Manak Siddh temple is located in the Mohhabbewala, Dehradun.

History of 4 Sidh Peeth

In the Treta period famous Saint Shri Atri Ji and Mata Shri Anasuiya lived. All three God Bramha, Vishnu, and Mahesh who is known as Trinity came to Earth for the testing of penance of Shri Atri Ji and Mata Shri Anasuiya. Trinity was very happy with the penance them. They promise to born as her baby from his womb. Later Mata Shri Ansuiya gives birth to a baby boy who was the form of Trinity. They named his son Dattatreya. Dattatreya was very sharp-minded, powerful, Bright. Lord Dattatreya gained knowledge from 24 Guru and became an expert in all types of skills. Dattatreya had many powers. Lord Dattatreya later became popular and famous as Guru Dattatreya Ji.

Lord Dattatreya had 9 ‘Naths’ and 84 disciples. They trained all of them for human welfare. As time passed Lord Dattatreya became old and called all his disciples. Lord Dattatreya said to all disciples to do worship of Lord Shiva and get the powers from them. Lord Dattatreya blessed all disciples to get success in life and doing human welfare. All these 84 disciples went in all over India for human welfare and started the Tapasya. The places where all these 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya done Tapasya, later famous as Siddh Peeth.

Four disciples Laxman, Manak, Kalu, and Madu Ji of Lord Dattatreya came to Dehradun of North India. They did hard penance and make happy to Lord Shiv. Lord Shiva came and give them the blessing to go to heaven. The places where Lord Dattatreya disciples did penance and left her body, now famous as Siddh Peeths in Dehradun.

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