10 Most Popular Street Food Joints In Dehradun

Dehradun—the name lets you imagine the surrounding hills, changes of weather, views of the famous hill stations—Massouri, and of course, the roadside food stalls across each galli. Mohalla of the dehradun.

most popular street food in Dehradun is best known for its multi-cuisine cuisine, from north Indian pahadai food to Chinese and Tibetan foods. The best joints in the town can be located on the Rajpur road, the road, and the road. 

There is a list of the 10 most popular street food joints in Dehradun: 

The buffet shop at rajpur road

most popular street food joints in dehradun the buffet shop

Buffet snacks shop is a small fast food  joint located in rajpur Road, opposite Gandhi Park. It is one of the famous fast food corners where you can enjoy the perfect crispy burgers, cold coffee, beard rolls, cold drinks, sandwiches, etc. 

location: the buffet shop

k.c momo’s soup bar at Jakhan-Rajpur rajpur Road

KC Restaurant is famous for its  hot & tasty Mutton Momos &  Soups. This small food joint is the oldest fast food corner in Dehradun. Located few meters ahead of silver city, just in front of Survey of India back gate, Rajpur Road. the shop offers noodles, spring rolls, mutton & veggie momos, & all types of soups. 

location: k.c momos and soup bar

Bun tikki wala at dwarka store chowk

bun tikki wala

We  prefer eating Bun Tikkis over Burgers at Dehradun.  the most popular one is Bun Tikki wala at Dwarka Store Chowk. He get recognized with its stall location at Dwarka Store, EC Road. The crispy tikkis with chatni, dahi & onion is been put in the  Buns and you are ready to feel its  taste & aroma, price is just Rs 20.

location – bun tikki wala

chetan poori wala at hanuman chowk

chetan poori wala

The shop is located in Hanuman Chowk, Dehradun. At Chetan Puri Wala, you will get a full meal plate that includes Chhole, Aalu, Kaddu ki Meethi Sabzi, and Crispy just fried  pooris. The awesome thing is that you have to pay for just a plate & can ask for sabzis unlimited times. 

location – chetan poori wala

Madrasi dosa at chakarata road

madrasi dosa wala

  Madrasi Dosa is unique. Located at main Chakrata Road (and one at Pared Ground too), this stall is famous for its authentic taste and low price. Since its just a stall, you’ll have to eat your food standing, but believe me, the taste is worth enjoying without your sitting comfort.

location: madrasi dosa wala

Bobby fast food at gandhi park

bobby fast food

Bobby fast food corner is situated just beside Gandhi Park, opposite the Orient Cinema. The food corner is famous for its freshly prepared chowmein, Chicken Momos and Soups. The stall commences in the evening at 5 o’clock and opens until 11 at night. I can still feel the lip-smacking taste of Chicken Soup.

location: bobby fast food

Maggi points at mussoorie road

maggi point

While going to Massuri , you’ll locate some roadside hawker sheds, popularly known as Maggi Point. These maggi points offer you a great view of hills & Dehradun city from the top.

location: maggi point

Kumar sweets shop at Clock Tower

kumar sweet shop

They serve varieties of sweets, from Rasmalai and Pan Sweet to Chocolate Barfi & Rosogulla, each one being so mouth-watering. 

Location: kumar sweets shop

Gaylord ice cream parlour at paltan bazaar

gaylord dehradun

Gaylord Ice Cream Parlor is one of the best and most famous ice cream parlours in Dehradun City, located at the start of Paltan Bazaar near Clock Tower.It offers different flavours of ice cream, like vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, black forest special cold coffee with ice cream, etc. 

location: Gaylord gaylord dehradun

recipe u can try : chole bhautre

panner tikka

egg curry

best chinese fast food stall at kishan nagar chowk

best chinese fast food stall

The stall is very famous for its Gravy Rolls, Momos, Kababs & Gravy Manchurian.This place is a few steps ahead of the main Kishan Nagar Chauk, opposite Bata.

location – best chinese fast food stall

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