5 memory  techniques for studying

1. spaced     repetition:  

Review information at gradually increasing intervals to strengthen memory pathways. Flashcards with spaced repetition systems are great for this

2. feynman     technique:  

Pretend you're teaching the topic to someone who knows nothing about it.This simplifies complex concepts and clarifies your understanding.

3. active     recall: 

Don't just passively reread. Quiz yourself, write practice questions, or explain concepts to someone else. This forces your brain to retrieve information,  making it stick.

4. Mnemonic    devices : 

Crete silly acronyms, rhymes, or stories to encode  information. For example, "VIBGYOR" helps remember the colors of the rainbow, or create phrases like these.

5. the memory      palace : 

Imagine a familiar place, like your home . Assign each room or object to a piece of information you want to remember. When you need to recall, mentally walk through your palace and "pick up" the information from each location