Top 5 high-performance pre-owned superbikes under 5 lac.

This cruiser is perfect for those who love the Harley-Davidson brand and want a comfortable, stylish ride. You can easily find this bike between 3 to 4 lac in an untarnished condition. 

Harley Davidson Street 750

Ducati Scrambler iron

The most accessible model from the Italian bike manufacturer is the Ducati Scrambler Icon, which is also widely accessible in the used market.  There are quite a few Scramblers available with prices hovering between Rs. 4-5 lakhs for 2015-16 models.

Kawasaki ninja 650

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is a fantastic purchase for individuals seeking a large motorcycle experience. The bike is still one of the most adaptable in its class, and its twin-cylinder engine is a marvel. You may get a used Ninja 650 from 2017 for less than Rs. 5 lakh.

Benellli TNT 600i

The Benelli TNT 600i may be discontinued, but it will still be profitable for people wishing to purchase their first large motorbike with a four-cylinder engine. The TNT 600i is amply available in the used space and finding one between Rs. 4-5 lakh should be easy.

Kawasaki z800

Z800 offers thrilling performance with its 803cc inline-4 engine and aggressive styling making it a great choice. You can find a used Z800 for 5 lac or slightly more depending on the condition, manufactured year and km run.