Who can win T20 world cup 2024

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The T20 World Cup winner is predicted based on a number of variables, including team composition, form, and competition performance. In T20 cricket, teams like West Indies, England, Australia, and India have always been formidable opponents. But who can win T20 world cup 2024 cricket is a dynamic sport, and surprises do happen. New Zealand and Afghanistan are two up-and-coming squads that pose serious threats to the more seasoned cricketing nations. Seeing which team advances to win the title and follow the tournament’s progress is always thrilling.

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who can win T20 world cup 2024

Top teams who can win t20 world cup 2024

Predicting the top teams for any tournament can be tricky, as form and performance can vary. However, historically, some cricketing nations have consistently performed well in T20 World Cups. Here are a few teams that are often considered strong contenders:

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With a strong domestic T20 league (IPL) and a deep talent pool, India is always a formidable force in T20 cricket. They’ve won the T20 World Cup once (in 2007) and have consistently reached the latter stages of the tournament.


Another powerhouse in cricket, Australia has a well-balanced T20 team with experienced players and emerging talents. They’ve won the T20 World Cup once (in 2010) and have always been among the top contenders.


The inventors of the game have a strong T20 setup as well. They won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2010 and reached the final in 2016. With aggressive batting and innovative strategies, England is always a team to watch out for.

West Indies:

The current T20 World Cup champions (in 2016), the West Indies team is known for its explosive batting and variety in bowling. They have match-winners throughout their lineup and are always a threat in T20 cricket.


Pakistan has a rich T20 tradition, and their unpredictability makes them a dangerous opponent. They won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2009 and always have the talent to go far in the tournament.

New Zealand:

Despite being a smaller cricketing nation, New Zealand has consistently punched above its weight in T20 cricket. With a well-drilled team and innovative strategies, they can surprise any opponent on their day.

These are just a few of the top teams, but T20 cricket is highly unpredictable, and any team can rise to the occasion and win the World Cup on their day.

Underdog teams who can upset big teams in this t20 world cup 2024

Predicting underdog teams to win a T20 World Cup can be challenging due to the unpredictable nature of the game. However, some teams with strong potential could surprise everyone with their performance. Here are a few:


While they might not be considered traditional underdogs anymore, Afghanistan’s rise in cricket has been remarkable. With a pool of talented spinners and aggressive batsmen, they have the ability to upset bigger teams on their day.


Ireland has shown glimpses of brilliance in T20 cricket, and they have players who can perform exceptionally well in high-pressure situations. With their fighting spirit and growing experience, they could cause some upsets in a T20 World Cup.


Netherlands cricket team has shown improvement over the years, and they have players capable of delivering match-winning performances. If they can play to their potential consistently throughout the tournament, they could be a surprise package

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