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Dehradun Electric Bus Timings, Routes and Fares

Timings and Routes

Dehradun, the Queen of the hills, is renowned for its hills, valleys and atmosphere. However, the city is taking a wise step towards environmental sustainability, with a significant initiatives like the introduction of Dehradun electric bus. This article tells all about the timings, routes and fare, and all exploring its impact, benefits and future prospects.

Here’s a closer look at Dehradun electric bus system:

Ticketing and Fares (price Per km):

Information regarding ticketing and fares for Dehradun’s electric buses is readily available on the Dehradun Smart City Limited website or app (if applicable).

First 04 km10rs
more than 35km55rs
The maximum fare is 200rs
Dehradun Electric bus Routes and fares
Dehradun Electric bus Routes and fares

Dehradun Electric bus Routes and Coverage:

The current “Doon Connect” service covers major areas within Dehradun city. The routes aim to connect key points like ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus), Jolly Grant Airport, Sahaspur, Rajpur, Maldevta, Raipur, and Sahastradhara.

Doon Electric Bus Route Stop 2A and Stop 2B

ISBT-Railway Station-Rajpur (total=32)Shimla Bypass- Majra- ITI Niranjanpur- Sabji Mandi Chowk- Patel Nagar Police Station- Lal Pul- PNB Patel Nagar- Matawala Bagh- Saharanpur Chowk- Railway Station- Prince Chowk- Cyber Police Station- Tehsil Chowk- Darshan Lal Chowk- Clock Tower- Gandhi Park- St. Joseph Academy- Sachiwalaya- Bhel Chowk- Dilaram Chowk- Madhuban Hotel- Ajanta Chowk- Survey of India- NIVH Front Gate- Jakhan- Pacific Mall- Inder Bawa Marg- Mussoorie Diversion- Sai Mandir- Tehri House/GRD- Rajpur
ISBT-Survey Chowk-IT Park-Sahastradhara (total=36)Shimla Bypass- Majra- ITI Niranjanpur- Sabji Mandi Chowk- Patel Nagar Police Station- Lal Pul- PNB Patel Nagar- Matawala Bagh- Saharanpur Chowk- Railway Station- Prince Chowk- Cyber Police Station- Tehsil Chowk- Darshan Lal Chowk- Lansdowne Chowk- Survey Chowk- Raipur Chungi- Sahastradhara Crossing- Vikas Lok- Nalapani Chowk- Shiv Girdhar Nikunj- Ekta Vihar- Madhur Vihar- Mayur Vihar- Baverly Hill Shalini School- Amrit Kunj- Shri Durga Enclave- Sgrr- Mandakini Vihar- MDDA Colony- Aman Vihar- Touch Wood School- ATS Tower- IT Park- Gujrara Mansingh Road- Tibeten Colony- Kirsali Gaon- Kulhan Gaon- Pacific Golf- Sahastradhara

Doon Electric Bus Route Stop 3 and 3A

Maldevta-Ghanta garh-Sahaspur-Langha RoadDwara Chowk – Maldevta Shiv Mandir – Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Maldevta – Donali – Asthal – Kesharwala – Raipur – Hathi Khana Chowk – Kichuwala – Dobhal Chowk – 6 Number Pulia – Kishan Bhawan – RTI Bhawan – Pearl Avenue Hotel – Ring Road Diversion – NWT College – Kali Mandir – DRDO – Sahastradhara Crossing – Raipur Chungi – Survey Chowk – Lansdowne Chowk – Darshanlal Chowk – Clock Tower – LIC Building – Bindal Pul – Yamuna Colony Chowk – IMA Blood Bank – Ballupur Chowk – FRI Main Gate – Panditwari – Doon Presidency School – Premnagar – Uttaranchal University – Nanda ki Chowki – Uttarakhand State Women’s Commission – Uttarakhand Technical University – Sudhowala – Hill Grove School – Jhajra Hanuman Mandir – Doon Global School Ayurveda College – Shivalika Sansthan and Anusandhan Kendra – Dhulkot Road – Shiv Mandir Selaqui – SIDCUL Gate 1 – SIDCUL Gate 2 – Amber Enterprises – State Mental Health Institute – Rampur Chowk – Sara Industry Estate – Community Health Centre – Sahaspur – Primary School Dhanki – Langha Road Extension
ISBT-Clock Tower-Raipur-MaldevtaISBT – Shimla Bypass – Majra – ITI Niranjanpur – Sabji Mandi Chowk – Patel Nagar Police Station – Lal Pul – PNB Patel Nagar – Mata Wala Bagh – Saharanpur Chowk – Railway Station – Prince Chowk – Cyber Police Station – Tehsil Chowk – Darshanlal Chowk – Clock Tower – Kwality Chowk – Survey Chowk – Interested in a Tour Package? Get a Quote – Raipur Chungi – Sahastradhara Crossing – DRDO – Kali Mandir – N.W.T College – Ring Road Diversion – Pearl Avenue Hotel – RTI Bhawan – Kisan Bhawan 6 number pulia – Dobhal Chowk – Kichuwala – Hathi Khana Chowk – Raipur – Kesharwala – Asthal – Donali Maldevta – Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Maldevta – Dwara Chowk

Doon Electric Bus Route Stop 3B

ISBT-Mandi-GMS Road-Selaqui-SahaspurISBT – Shimla Bypass – Majra – ITI Niranjanpur – Sabji Mandi Chowk – Kamla Palace – Engineers Enclave – EPF office – Panchayati Mandir Kanwali Road – Balliwala Chowk – Shivalikpuram – Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology – Ballupur Chowk – FRI Main Gate – Panditwari – Rangarhwala – Doon presidency School – Premnagar – Uttaranchal University – Nanda Ki chowki – Uttarakhand State Women’s Commission – Uttarakhand Technical University – Sudhowala – Hill Grove School – Jhanjra Hanuman Mandir – Doon Global School Ayurveda College – Shivalik Sansthan and Anusandhan Kendra – Dhulkot Road – Shiv Mandir Selaqui – SIDCUL Gate 1 – SIDCUL Gate 2 – Amber enterprises – State Mental Health Institute – Rampur Chowk – Sara Industrial Estate – Community Health Center – Sahaspur – Primary School-Dhanki

Dehradun Electric Bus Timings and Frequency:

The electric buses run from 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM, so people have a convenient way to get around all day.

The frequency of buses may vary depending on the route and time of day.

Facilities and Amenities:

While details may vary based on the specific bus model, electric bus Dehradun are expected to offer modern amenities like comfortable seating, proper ventilation, and potentially even USB charging ports for mobile devices.

Dehradun Electric bus Features

  • Length: 9 metre Long
  • Front and rare electronically controlled air suspension.
  • Sitting capacity: 27 Person
  • CCTV camera Installed in all Bus.
  • Every seat has its USB socket and emergency button.
  • It has Space for wheel chair.
  • It can travel up to 180km per charge.
  • IPS Display, Viable Message Display Boards.
  • ABS Braking System.
  • Automatic Transmission.
  • Fully air conditioned and GPS Enabled.

Air Pollution is a major concern in many cities of India and Dehradun is one of them. The Increasing number of vehicles and decreasing the forest area are the major cause of pollution of our city. Fossil fuel powered buses are a major contributor to emissions

Dehradun Electric bus present a possible alternative due to their zero exhaust emissions. They not only reduce air pollution but also promote a calmer and more enjoyable commuting experience.

It is not the regular diesel bus in Dehradun or in any city that makes a loud and very annoying sound. The quieter operation of Dehradun electric bus creates a less stressful soundscape for both passengers and pedestrians.

In 2023, Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) launched its “Doon Connect” electric bus service. This initiative aimed to introduce a cleaner and more efficient public transportation system within the city. In initial phase, 30 Dehradun electric bus has been deployed. Serving the various routes in Dehradun

Reduced Air Pollution: Electric bus eliminate tailpipe emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, significantly contributing to cleaner air. This helps to improved public health and a healthier environment for Dehradun’s people. But the health is not all about the clean environment, it is also about the healthy and clean diet and physical health. To Improve the Physical health, we must do run or walk and go to gym in Dehradun. Gym Trainer helps in both diet and the physical health.

Tailpipe emissions, which include a variety of pollutants like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and specific pollutants like sulfur, are the result of burning fuel (gasoline, diesel, or other liquid fuel or biofuel).

Lower Noise Pollution: Electric buses produce much quieter than traditional diesel buses, creating a more peaceful and less stressful urban environment.

Improved Public Transportation: Electric buses offer a reliable and comfortable mode of public transportation. They can help reduce traffic congestion and encourage more people to opt for public transport.

Economic opportunities: An ecology of environmentally friendly transportation is encouraged by the deployment of electric buses. Jobs in the infrastructure and electric vehicle industries may result from this.

Dehradun’s electric bus initiative represents a significant step towards1 a more sustainable future. As technology advances and infrastructure expands, we can expect to see:

  • Increased Number of Electric Buses: The initial deployment of 30 electric buses is likely just the beginning. With growing awareness and success, the number of electric buses operating in Dehradun is expected to rise.
  • Expansion of Routes: As the system matures, the electric bus network is likely to expand, catering to a wider range of areas within Dehradun and potentially even connecting to nearby towns.
  • Integration with Other Sustainable Initiatives: Dehradun’s electric bus system can be integrated with other green initiatives like cycling paths and pedestrian zones, fostering a more sustainable urban ecosystem.

Despite the numerous advantages, Dehradun electric bus system faces some challenges:

  • Charging Infrastructure: Expanding the network of charging stations is crucial to ensure smooth operation and wider adoption of Dehradun electric bus.
  • Battery Range and Charging Time: The current range of electric bus batteries might limit their operation on longer routes. Technological advancements in battery technology are needed to address this.
  • Public Awareness: Raising public awareness about electric buses and their benefits is essential to encourage ridership and maximize their impact.


Adoption of Dehradun electric bus is a commendable step towards a cleaner and more sustainable.

For More Information: Dehradun Smart city Ltd.

  1. Dehradun Electric bus helpline Number, Smart Dehradun city

  2. Dehradun Electric bus ticket Price per Km?

    Dehradun Electric bus Routes and fares

    Ticket price of electric bus vary, this is the plan of pricing
    First 04 km=10rs
    more than 35km=55rs

  3. Dehradun Smart city Ltd Headquarter

    The headquarter of Dehradun Smart City Ltd is at Saatvik Tower, 777, Kaulagarh Road, Rajender Nagar, Dehradun-248001

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