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types of research

Basic/Fundamental Research

Often referred to as pure or fundamental research, basic research seeks to increase our comprehension of the underlying ideas and theories in a variety of disciplines. It is not motivated by instantaneous practical applications, but rather by curiosity and a search for knowledge. By revealing novel phenomena, connections, or mechanisms, basic research frequently establishes the foundation for applied research.

Applied Research

 In a variety of disciplines, including engineering, medicine, agriculture, and education, applied research is carried out to address pertinent issues or provide solutions to particular difficulties. Applied research seeks to develop results that are directly relevant and useful in the real world, as opposed to basic research, which concentrates on theoretical understanding. It frequently entails the creation of novel technology, goods, or procedures to fulfill practical demands or enhance already-existing ones

Quantitative Research: 

 Quantitative research is characterized by its emphasis on objectivity, measurability, and the ability to generalize findings to larger populations

Qualitative Research

  Qualitative research Investigates meanings, experiences, and social processes in order to comprehend phenomena from a subjective point of view. It entails gathering and analyzing non-numerical data from sources like text, observations, and interviews. Techniques like participant observation, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and content analysis are examples of qualitative research methodologies. 

Experimental Research

In experimental research, one or more variables are manipulated in order to see how they affect another variable. It uses random assignment and confounding variable control to establish cause-and-effect linkages. To test theories and determine causal linkages, experimental research designs frequently involve control groups, randomization, and the manipulation of independent variables.

Descriptive Research

The purpose of descriptive research is to characterize and describe the features of a population or phenomenon. It entails gathering information via surveys, observations, or already-existing records, then analyzing that information to find correlations, patterns, and trends. Researchers can get important insights into the present situation and enhance their comprehension of the traits and actions of a specific group or phenomenon by using descriptive research.

Exploratory Research

 Investigative study is carried out when there is limited knowledge regarding a subject or occurrence. It seeks to produce fresh concepts, theories, or understandings that can direct additional research. In order to investigate underlying motives, beliefs, or behaviors, exploratory research frequently uses qualitative techniques like focus groups, interviews, or case studies. Developing research questions and ideas for more study is very helpful in the early phases of research.

Historical Research

 Historical research entails examining historical occurrences, deeds, or phenomena to determine their importance and applicability to the present. It is based on an examination of primary and secondary sources, such as artifacts, oral histories, and records. The goal of historical research is to identify trends, causes, and effects of past occurrences as well as to offer context for understanding current problems and advancements.

Cross-sectional research

 To investigate correlations or differences between variables within a population, data from a single moment in time are collected. It offers a moment in time view of a population and can be applied to find associations or correlations. Studying prevalence, distribution, and correlations between variables at a specific moment in time can be accomplished with the help of cross-sectional research

Longitudinal Research

Studies that follow the same participants over an extended period of time—often years or even decades are known as longitudinal research. Using this method, researchers can monitor how individuals or groups change over time and get insights into how attitudes, behaviors, and other characteristics change. Understanding growth and aging trends, as well as the long-term impacts of certain experiences or interventions, can be gained from longitudinal studies.

What is Research?

The methodical investigation with the goal of learning, analyzing, and using information to improve comprehension or address issues is Research.

What is basic Research?

Basic research is methodical study done with no direct practical use and with the goal of understanding and adding to fundamental concepts

What is basic Research?

Applying scientific knowledge to solve real-world issues or create niche applications is known as applied research

What is Quantitative Research?

The goal of quantitative research is to better understand phenomena, relationships, and trends through the collection and analysis of numerical data.

What is Qualitative Research?

Understanding human behavior, experiences, and perceptions through non-numerical data—such as interviews, observations, and textual analysis—is the main goal of qualitative research, a methodological approach

What is the difference between cross sectional and Longitudinal Research?

Cross-sectional research compares many groups at a single point in time, whereas longitudinal research tracks participants throughout time to observe changes

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